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Summer Sell-Out

Jokers vs. marshalls

July 15, 2022 7pm • Gates Field

we make baseball fun

The baseball

game of

the summer

Historic Gates Field


July 15th





Who are The Marshalls?

For over a decade, the top college baseball recruits and draft picks in the nation have been leaving their families after high school to play for the Marshalls. During their stay, players receive professional level training and competition to prepare them for the next level.

The Marshalls Baseball program has churned out over 100 MLB draft picks and over 750 collegiate players.

Kris Bryant on his

summer as a Marshall:

game preview

with in-game host Tony Parks:



Q. What is the Summer SellOut?

A. The Summer Sell-Out is a loud, funny, sold-out baseball game with delicious food, competitive baseball, and outstanding entertainment.

The Marshalls

Gates Field

Food & Entertainment

Food & Entertainment

Plus more!

Game Day Agenda:

9:00am - Kids Camp

4:30pm - Reglove Trailer

5:30pm - Gates Open

6:00pm - Food Trucks Open

6:00pm - Autograph Signing

6:45pm - Teams Introduction

6:52pm - Honorary First Pitch

6:55pm - National Anthem

7:00pm - Summer Sellout

Historic Gates Field

Designed by Luke Yoder, the director of field and landscape for the San Diego Padres. Gates Field is of the highest quality. The fields design was created to be both visually pleasing and have exceptional on-field acoustics. Making this sell-out game a night to remember.

Parking for the Summer Sell-Out at Gates field is located at Kearns high School parking lot. Where you are walking distance from the ball-field.

Come enjoy the great game of baseball.

Meet The 2022 MGF Marshalls

Ticket sales and proceeds go towards making The Summer-Sell Out an ongoing event each year. We want to make it bigger and better while keeping it affordable for anyone to attend.